Do you accept insurance?
At Simply Chiropractic, we do our best to work with your insurance plan. Simply Chiropractic is an out-of-network provider for all insurance carriers. However, most of our patients still receive insurance benefits through our office. The best thing to do is to bring your insurance information with you on your first visit. We can validate your chiropractic coverage and inform you of the details on your plan.

Is chiropractic care safe?
Having your first adjustment can seem scary, but it is very safe. Hundreds of thousands of people are adjusted by chiropractors every day. Statistics prove that chiropractic care is safer than driving your car or taking aspirin.

How long will it take to feel better?
Results of chiropractic care will depend on the condition of your spine and nervous system. An individual’s ability to heal and results can vary from patient to patient. Some detect changes in a few short days or weeks, whereas others may take months of care before showing progress.

Will I have to go to the chiropractor for the rest of my life?
How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. Most people, after receiving pain relief, choose to continue with periodic check-ups to stay healthy and prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones.